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Is This The Longest Bull Run Ever, And Can It Continue?
Click image to see full-size version Over the next couple of days, I am sure you will hear a lot about “ the longest bull run ever ” from market pundits. By most reckoning, the record will be broken tomorrow, August 22, which will mark 3,453 days of the current bull market. That sounds great, but what it

S&P 500 Moves Near New All-Time High
Pre market futures are inching up again this morning minus any major catalysts to direct positive or negative sentiment ahead of the opening bell today The S amp P 500 appears poised to close in on a fresh all time high following another strong quarterly earnings season and hopes that

Week Ahead: Can We Focus On Good News For A Change?
The media is biased, and I am outraged! No, not in a political sense. That is a matter of perception, and that perception varies from country to country and from generation to generation. What I am talking about is the media’s bias towards the negative. That is universal and timeless. No matter how hard you try, it

PepsiCo Acquires SodaStream For $3.2 billion
Late August in the stock market is not usually the time one starts thinking about Merger Monday but a surprising development has greeted investors this morning with news that soft drink and snack giant PepsiCo PEP will be acquiring DIY beverage company SodaStream SODA for 3 2 billion

Inflation Wipes Out Wage Growth
Economic growth was supposed to bring greater prosperity to working and middle-class Americans, but as wages fail to keep pace with economic growth, many are struggling with jobs that simply don’t pay enough. Instead, economic growth is benefiting the wealthy, if  Labor Department statistics are anything to go by.

What Trump's Proposed Change to the Frequency of Earnings Reports Means
There are many remarkable things about this Presidency, so many in fact that we often lose sight of major changes. Just a couple of years ago, the idea that policy discussions and proposals would come in a series of early morning tweets would have been absurd, but that is where we currently are. The Trump tweets

A Pleasant Pre-Market
Pre market activity is offering us something of a respite this morning with no major economic data points or major earnings reports expected ahead of the opening bell Once markets are open we will see a new read on August Consumer Sentiment Leading Economic Indicators for July and a Q2

Brexit Woes Weigh On The British Pound
The pound sterling concluded Wednesday trading in negative territory, dropping for the 11 th  consecutive day against the U.S. dollar. That marked the longest losing streak by the currency since the 2008 financial crisis as the unraveling of a perfect storm pulls it down. For Britons heading for the holidays,

Trump's Trade War Is A Tempest In A Teapot
I am baffled by the amount of media coverage given to President Trump's targeted tariffs. So far these trade wars amount to a tempest in a teapot. [xxxmore] I have said it many times and I will say it again - nobody wins in a trade war. But the biggest loser is always the biggest exporter. However, the media

A Flurry Of Economic and Earnings Data
New Thursday morning economic data has just been released with fresh Initial and Continuing Jobless Claims Housing Starts and Building Permits and an updated Philly Fed survey read joining quarterly results from Walmart 160 WMT While the big box retailer outperformed expectations much