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  • 2016 Upper Peninsula Talent Summit
  • Court blocks Federal plan to extend overtime pay
  • Expansions at DCHS
  • Ojibwa Casino's growth announcements

Latest Articles in Economy

A Better Choice
By John Cochrane ByJohn Cochrane Roll up your shirtsleeves financial economists As reported by Elizabeth Dexheimer at Bloomberg Rep Jeb Hensarling is interested in working on a 2 0 version of his financial choice act the blueprint for reforming Dodd Frank Advice and counsel

A Very Positive Sign: Markets Less Concerned With The Jobs Report And Fed Watching
Tomorrow we get the last jobs report of the year.  And unlike the other eleven this year, this one doesn't have the same buzz surrounding it, even though we have a big Fed meeting coming in just two weeks. Why? It's no longer a Fed-driven (monetary policy-driven) world.  The switch has been flipped.  With the Trump

What To Know About Steven Mnuchin, Trump's Treasury Secretary
Whenever a new U.S. President is elected, investors face some uncertainty as to how that person’s eventual administration will look and where their priorities will lie when it comes to economics. Often the most important clues as to what those priorities will be can be found in the President elect’s proposed cabinet

US Labor Market Upbeat
Sandwiched between yesterday s ADP ADP private sector jobs report and tomorrow s Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS non farm payroll report weekly Initial Jobless Claims were released before the bell today Claims have ballooned up from an unchanged 251K last week to 268K this week This keeps

OPEC's Move Was To Stop The Economic Time Bomb
Over the past year we’ve talked a lot about the oil price bust and the threat it represented to the global economy.  And in past months, we’ve talked about the approaching OPEC meeting, where they had telegraphed a production cut – the first in eight years.  Still, not many were buying it. Remember, it was

The French Connection: Italy, France, and the Establishment Versus Populism
Should you be overwhelmed with the urge to pick your feet in Poughkeepsie, or if you’d prefer, maybe ripping off a piece of baguette after shooting a French detective point blank in the face, then ‘tis the season. For a dose of not so jolly Christmas cheer, you can actually experience the cinematic pleasure of both

All Eye On Jobs Data & OPEC
The main beacon signaling the U S jobs report the first Friday of almost every month is the ADP ADP private sector employment report which comes out nearly every Wednesday including this morning A positive surprise of 46K to the upside 216K overall easily topped expectations of 170K

Renewed OPEC Hopes and Month End Featured
Yesterday's pessimism about a potential deal at today's oil producers' meeting in Vienna has been replaced by optimism and that crude oil around 5%.     Supportive comment by Iranian officials about there being acceptable proposals on the table and intimations that Russia may also participate in cuts fanned the

Will Trump Send Electricity Bills Soaring?
After the election of Donald Trump as President, one of the cornerstones of the modern global economic system is being questioned. Trump built his campaign on questioning the status quo, and in economics that has largely meant deriding free trade. This could impact an under-the-radar area of trade between the U.S.

There Is No Downside For Metals Investors
By Avi Gilburt, First published Sat Nov 26 for members of In my mid-week night-time update, I generally noted what I am seeing in the market: The metals markets are all now hitting the downside retracement targets for support we have been speaking of and focusing