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Latest Articles in Economy

Big Picture Market Perspectives 3/23/17
I've talked a lot about the disaster of the Fed under Janet Yellen.  And it has become a threat to Trump policies.  I think a move for a new Fed Chair is in the works. The Fed should have become far less important after the election of a pro-growth government last November.  But they've managed to put themselves

What 3 Charts Say About The Health Of The Consumer & The US Economy
By Mike Paulenoff, What do Home Depot, Dollar General, and the US 10-year Treasury yield have in common? Hint:  They all act as though the US economy is exhausted, which puts more pressure on the passage and implementation of the Trump growth agenda, sooner than later. At the bottom is a link to a

Healthcare Reform in Focus
Pre market futures are up this morning ahead of a big vote in the U S House of Representatives that looks to replace the repealed ACA Obamacare law that addresses the healthcare of the nation This would indicate market participants are expecting this bill to pass the House on what is

Don't Feed the Bears
By Avi Gilburt, In a recent update, I pointed towards the 2,335 SPX region as the next likely target in the market. This week, the market has finally obliged, and taken us to our next waypoint. As I have been noting for several weeks, the market has been much more bearish than I had

How To Make Investing Decisions Based On Politics: Don't.
Predicting the outcome of political situations is even more fraught with danger than attempting to predict financial markets, but the drop in stocks over the last few days has been about people attempting to do just that. The health care bill supported by the Republican Party ’s Congressional leaders and by

OPEC Out Of Moves As Goldman Sachs Expects Another Oil Glut In 2018
Oil prices are heading down again on swelling U.S. crude oil inventories, with Brent dropping below $50 per barrel for the first time this year. The OPEC deal that has taken more than 1 million barrels per day of oil off the market has not succeeded in reversing this bearish trend for inventories. And with the deal

Technical Correction In Stocks Still Early, A Gift To Buy
Yesterday we talked about the significance of the break down in the “Trump trend” across key markets (stocks, government bond yields and gold). The 1% loss in stocks was no big deal, but the break in the trend was a big deal - especially given the backdrop of a longer timeline to get to tax reform. Since the

Mortgage application in Focus
New mortgage application numbers are unchanged at a rate of 4 46 This is down 2 7 and the fast rising cost of housing in general has shifted demand having fallen year over year Applications are down 3 as demand for housing in the U S is strengthening which is good for those actively

The American Dream: An Endangered Ethos
Few words are slipperier than ‘ethos’ to grasp. Even the best translation of the word – essence – is hard to get your arms around. Perhaps that is why so many of us were blissfully unaware until recently that the very essence of the American Dream was slipping through our fingers. Though the phrase, which captures

Bullish Set Up Still In Place, But Caution Still Warranted
By Avi Gilburt, Originally published on Sat Mar 18 for members of  Last weekend (Mar 11), I noted that we needed to stay over 21.60 on Monday and complete 5 waves up to give us a bullish set up going into the Fed announcement.  On Monday, the market gave us our 5