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Latest Articles in Economy

Remembering Black Monday
Thirty years ago today, the stock market had its worst day ever in percentage terms when the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 22.6% in one session. To put that in context, it would be the equivalent of the index losing 5,233 points in today’s trading. That is not just unthinkable today, it is also impossible.

Markets Avert Black Thursday Fall
As we discussed earlier this week today is the 30th anniversary of the stock market crash in 1987 which would later be referred to as Black Monday A heavy sell off overseas particularly in Hong Kong and rippling out to smaller places on the Pacific Rim most notably New Zealand came

Trump's Iran Decision Haunts Big Oil
United States President Donald Trump’s decision to “decertify” the Iran nuclear deal probably won’t have an immediate impact on oil prices, but the decision could plant the seeds of problems further down the road. That is because nothing happens right away—Trump kicked the  decision to Congress . But he still

Kiwi Drop and Sterling Losses Punctuate Subdued FX Market
The 30th anniversary of the 1987 equity market crash the major US benchmarks at record highs. The drop in the market was at least partly a function of the lack of capacity, sufficient instruments, andregulatory regime.  Each of these factors has been addressed to some extent.  Circuit breakers have been introduced,

What Are Treasuries And The Dollar Telling Us About Stocks?
The relationships between different financial markets are inherently complicated, and it is often a mistake to read too much into movement in one if you are trading another. Stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and other types of securities all have their own specific influences, and those are the biggest

Should Tax Reforms Be Implied At The Earliest?
We interrupt this early cycle of Q3 earnings season for an important message really two messages one from President Trump and one from Treasury Secretary Mnuchin regarding potential tax reform This is arguably the market s greatest catalyst which helped the Dow Jones surge past 23 000

Market: Spectacular All Around
Good news is here investing friends Q3 earnings results are not only clear and present but results are better than expected among most household name stocks ahead of the bell this morning In a quarter rife with stresses from the nation s capital natural disasters both here and abroad

The S&P 500 Is Headed Over 3000
By Avi Gilburt, Many will simply read the headline to this article, and use it as support for their belief in the market striking a multi-year top right now. I mean, aren’t headlines like this proof that the market is overheated? Well, the answer is a definite “sometimes.” You see, back in

Week Ahead: Fundamentals Over Fear
We should all be wary of confusing anecdotes with data, but at times I feel that conversations that I have with investors are indicative of a general feeling in the market. Those that know or are told that I write about financial markets often seek me out at social events to express their feelings, be they optimistic

What's Stopping An Oil Price Rally?
Oil supply disruptions, high OPEC oil cut deal compliance rates, an extra-violent hurricane season, and the threat of new U.S. sanctions against Iran have fed optimism in oil markets over the past couple of months. Yet there’s bad news for bulls: a growing number of experts and industry insiders warn that the