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Latest Articles in Economy

Second Half For Stocks Could Be Very Good
As we head into Memorial Day weekend and stocks (S&P 500) have crossed back over into positive territory again for the year, we want to step back and acknowledge the relative calm in global markets and economies, compared to where we stood just three months ago, and talk about how different the second half is setting

Rate Uncertainty Likely to Impact
Stocks are modestly up this morning, but lack conviction given the Fed uncertainty. The New Home sales report coming out a little later is the only notable economic reading today on an otherwise light data calendar. The market is

Investors Embrace This ETF To Fight Inflation
Last week, the federal government reported that the core Consumer Price Index in April rose by 2.1% year-over-year, above the Federal Reserve's 2% target. There has been a recent string of reports that inflation is creeping higher. In tandem with that trend is the popularity of one ETF that is designed to combat the

Viacom & CBS in Focus
Levels of intrigue abound in the latest installment of the Viacom (VIA) saga. No, not the latest summer blockbuster from Paramount Pictures or irreverent TV program from CBS or Comedy Central, but the top brass of the company itself.

How Unit Economics Can Place Value On Tech Startups
You have probably heard that there is a growing problem in Silicon Valley. Startups are being valued too high, stay private for too long and have soaring burn rates. But one thing continues to be overlooked; unit economics. It is a basic concept that looks at the direct revenues and costs associated with a particular

EZ PMI Data At 16 Month Lows
Market Drivers May 23, 2016 EZ Flash PMI hit 16 month lows Treasury Report suggests 500K job loss off Brexit Nikkei -0.49% Dax 0.05% Oil $48/bbl Gold $1251/oz. Europe and Asia: EUR EZ Flash PMI 52.9 vs. 53.2 North America: USD PMI Manufacturing 9:45 The dollar was weaker at the start of week's trade

How The Investing Climate Has Been Evolving
The US dollar’s weakness in recent months, despite negative interest rates in Europe and Japan likely had many contributing factors.   These factors include shifting views of Fed policy, weaker US growth, the recovery in commodity prices, including oil, gold and iron ore, and market positioning. A new phase began

Benchmarks Open Modestly In Green
Stocks are indicated to open modestly in the green today, but the major indexes appear set to end this week in the red, the 4 th  week in a row of negative closes for the S&P 500. Weak earnings,

Why The Fed Is Right To Fear Inflation
This week, as the minutes from the last Fed meeting were analyzed, it was suggested that there were hints that the central bank would be raising interest rates again next month. The market responded with a small hissy fit, which will no doubt explode into a full blooded tantrum is the event actually occurs. That has

What's Up With Industrial Production?
This past week, the market was treated by relatively good industrial production data from the Federal Reserve. Headline seasonally adjusted Industrial Production (IP)  increased  0.7 % month-over-month but was still  contracting  1.1 % year-over-year. The question for today - is this the beginning of recovery of