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We are a monthly magazine that keeps the U.P. business community informed on regional business activity and trends. For over 20 years, we have featured stories of local professionals who are thriving in the U.P. economy. As we continue to be your trusted source of business news, we bring new sections to highlight the people and events that make the U.P. unique including 4Hire, On the Network and The Loop.

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  • New business? Lower your starting expenses
  • Beth Millner's homegrown business story
  • Advice for the "Sandwich Generation"
  • Gov. Snyder visits U.P. State Fair

Yahoo! Finance: Top Stories

The next Chipotle? It may be Pizza Hut
When you think of the craft food genre, Pizza Hut probably doesn't come to mind. But that might change.

Obamacare checkup: One year later
With the one-year anniversary of Obamacare's nearing, Americans tell us how they've been faring.

Falling gasoline prices: Not so helpful for Wal-Mart
Gasoline prices are at their lowest levels since February. But while that might spell relief for consumers, surprisingly, it may not benefit the world’s largest retailer.

Baggage fees: Nuisance for you, big money for airlines
Fares were up more than 8% in the Q2, checked-bag fees continued to climb, and airlines collected $753 million in fees for reservation changes and cancellations.

First-time homebuyer? Time to take your checkbook out
Individual investors accounted for 12 percent of sales of existing homes in August, down from 16 percent the month before and 17 percent a year earlier. “This means that investors bought 26.3 percent fewer homes last month,” IHS Global Insight economist Stephanie Karol pointed out in an email to clients. Investors scooping up properties in all cash deals, including lots of homes in foreclosure, have been boosting the home price recovery, but the National Association of Relators said a pullback by investors could actually be good for the housing market.

Wall Street takes biggest hit since August 5
The Dow and broader S&P 500 skidded by the widest margin since early August as traders fretted over a bout of weak housing data.

Detroit tells judge: We can't give away free water
Detroit's water department defended its shutoff policy Monday and warned that free service to people with unpaid bills could be "very devastating" to the bottom line. The water department would be violating Michigan law and breaking agreements with bond holders if forced to supply water and ignore overdue bills.

Climate change protests meet fossil fuel realities
This weeks UN climate summit is raising hopes for a new treaty in Paris next year. Meanwhile, global greenhouse emissions hit a record in 2013 and fossil fuel usage is expected to rise 38% by 2040.

Protestors in bid to shut down the Big Board
A group of protesters attempts to flood Wall Street with sit-ins to disrupt the New York Stock Exchange on Monday, one day after the People’s Climate Change march.

Small-cap selloff leaves fewer stocks shouldering rally
The biggest tumble for smaller companies in seven weeks underscored weakening breadth in the American bull market.