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  • 2016 Upper Peninsula Talent Summit
  • Court blocks Federal plan to extend overtime pay
  • Expansions at DCHS
  • Ojibwa Casino's growth announcements

Latest Articles in Economy

Will Trump Prove The Trade Critics Wrong?
The new President Trump has wasted no time on carrying out his plan on trade.  He met with 12 major U.S. company leaders today and told them that they would  pay  to build outside of the U.S., but (importantly) they would  save  to build here.  And he wrote an executive order to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific

Week Ahead: Waiting For The Markets To Signal A Direction
Many of us had hoped that by this week, once the Presidential inauguration was out of the way, the markets could leave the more esoteric political arguments aside and begin to concentrate on earnings, the health of the economy and, based on the early actions of the new President, the prospects for the next few years.

Q4 Earnings From MCD And HAL
As analysts project what we should expect from President Trump s first 100 days in office earnings results before the bell to kick off the week this morning address our more near term interests McDonald s 160 MCD 160 and Halliburton 160 HAL 160 are two of the bigger names to have

Why reflation has room to run
The recent jump in global bond yields represents a reflationary reawakening just a year after deflation and recession fears were dominant Is this another false dawn We don t think so This is an important psychological shift for investors previously obsessing over downside risks to growth

Prospect Capital: Big Dividend, Big Risks
By Blue Harbinger ByBlue Harbinger Prospect Capital PSEC is an income investor favorite because it offers an outsized 11 6 dividend yield paid monthly However we believe Prospect is considerably less attractive than it was just one year ago In fact we sold our shares of

Q4 Earnings To Look At
The day has finally arrived nearly 12 weeks after his surprise victory in the 2016 Presidential election Donald J Trump will today be sworn in as the 45th President of the Untied States A new era is surely here Trump is the first U S President never to have held public office before and

President Trump's Economy: Winners, Losers, And Strategies For Investors
Donald Trump (Shutterstock photo) Today marks the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. No matter how you feel about that from a political perspective, traders and investors should take this opportunity to look at their portfolios and maybe make some adjustments to suit the

The Destruction of the Existing Workforce
All of us have opinions on the affects of automation. My university education stressed that there was nothing to fear from automation, as historically automation created at least as many jobs as destroyed. The Mainstream View From  McKinsey Global Institute : While much of the current debate about automation

Taxes, Jobs and Investments: How Trump's Presidency Could Affect Your Wallet
Donald Trump (Shutterstock photo) So far, many Americans are loving the proposed Donald Trump tax plan. If you have any money in the U.S. stock market, either in your 401k or investment account, you’re probably already richer due to the end of year Trump bull market, aka, the “Trump Bump.” With the Donald Trump

Donald Trump Inauguration: How Trump, GOP Policies Could Affect Economy
Donald Trump (Shutterstock photo) Every 4 years the American public go to the polls to settle an age-old debate of whether Republicans or Democrats make more sense for the economy. This time around Republicans emerged victorious and at the end of the week Donald Trump takes the oath of office to become 45th