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Tremont: The Ugly Duckling
By Fire Sale Buyer ByFire Sale Buyer Investment Thesis Investment ThesisInvestment Thesis Like an odd swan in a flock of ducks Tremont TRMT is a much disliked puny net net REIT that pays no dividends but will very likely grow into a beautiful outperformer At a 34 million

Tomorrow's Capital: Why Hasn't Silicon Valley Completely Disrupted FinTech Yet? It's Complicated.
Shutterstock photo Silicon Valley has completely disrupted many aspects of our lives, changing the way we use technology, and only a few years ago, it seemed inevitable that it would completely upend the way we think about FinTech (Financial Technology), but it hasn't quite worked out that way. Why is that?

Q3 Earnings Reports: MSFT, NFLX, GS, MS, UNH, JNJ
If you re a market participant looking to re direct your focus away from international challenges like Saudi Arabia North Korea Russia et al you re in luck Q3 earnings reports are hitting the tape fast and furious at this hour We will take this opportunity to summarize a handful of

What to Buy in Expectation of a Bounce in Stocks
I’m not sure I fully trust this morning’s bounce. Volatility doesn’t just mean downward movement, and big upward swings during down moves are not uncommon. However, as I wrote on Friday, the stream of earnings releases over the next couple of weeks will probably be enough to shift interest rate and other worries

Will The U.S.-Saudi Spat Upend Oil Markets?
Saudi Arabia all but threatened to drive up oil prices if the U.S. took any action to penalize it over the apparent killing of a Saudi journalist. The not-so-subtle threat was the first time in decades that Saudi Arabia threatened to restrict supply for such naked political reasons. President Trump vowed to impose

Retail Sales Rebound, But Is It Enough To Post Positive Earnings?
The highlight of the current economic calendar is retail sales, and if your investment glass is half full, you’ll notice that U.S. retail sales for September rebounded after disappointing in August, but if you’re glass is half empty, the numbers aren’t much fodder for optimism: The real story is that U.S. retail

Of What Am I Now Certain?
By Avi Gilburt, I am certain of death. I am certain of taxes. And, I am certain of tax reform. (Sorry, that was an old tax attorney joke.) However, non-linear financial markets never lend themselves to certainty. Rather, the best we can do is look for clues that provide us with

Retail Sales, Empire State Results In Focus
Monday markets in the Far East from Japan to Shanghai to Hong Kong to Australia were all down overnight spoiling the idea that a Friday resurgence in these markets was a new start of indexes ramping higher as Q3 earnings results here at home begin to command headlines Included among

Investors Should Pay Attention To Oil, Khashoggi Story This Week
The twenty-four-hour news cycle can sometimes lead to overreaction in the financial markets. We have become so used to markets that react violently to news that when something seemingly important comes along and a market barely reacts, it comes as a major surprise. That is why many people are scratching their heads

These Jobs Are Safest If a Recession Hits: Report
This content is made possible by our sponsor; the views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc. With unemployment levels at a low of 3.7% (a number it hasn't reached since December 1969) and the stock market soaring higher than